Social and ecological responsibility

Takko Fashion takes responsibility  – for our customers, for our employees and for the environment.

That is why, quality and sustainability are of high importance to us regarding the production of our clothes. Internal as well as external entities test our products for harmful substances, fits, functionality and durability. In the best interests of our customers, many products are certified with the “OEKO-TEX® 100” label. This counts particularly for our children’s and body wear collections. As a member of the “Fur Free Retailer” program we also do not use real furs.

In order to meet our own high requirements for working conditions and social responsibility, we have developed a binding code of conduct for our manufacturers and suppliers.  For example, this "Code of Conduct" defines that it is not allowed to discriminate against employees and that the producers must pay attention to the employee’s safety and healthiness. The fulfillment of the code of conduct is examined on a regular basis – from internal entities as well as from external ones. Furthermore, there are periodically trainings that also inform the employees about their workplace rights.

Since 2011 we are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent non-profit organization, which advocates for better working conditions in the clothing industry. We are also part of the “Accord on Fire and Building Safety”.  This merge of international participants from the textile industry advocates for the constant improvement of fire and building safety inside the production sites in Bangladesh. Furthermore we are a member of the “Partnership for Sustainable Textiles”. The members of this administration driven network of German textile companies have the common aim to improve social and ecological standards inside the production and supply chain. Further information regarding this topic can be found in our current Sourcing Report as well as in the Brand Performance Check by the Fair Wear Foundation.

We believe that entrepreneurially successful acting and ecological responsibility should always go hand in hand. That is why we optimize our processes to avoid a further pollution of the environment. With the use of special heat pump systems as well as energy saving lamps in most of our stores, we try to save energy wherever it is possible. In our distribution sites in Telgte, Schnelldorf, Winsen and in Senec we also use energy saving lamps. Our distribution site in Winsen, which has been built in 2011, has been certified with the golden seal by the German association for sustainable building as a green building.

We know that the longing for fair and social working conditions as well as the safety of the environment are challenges that ask for continuity. But we are willing to take this challenge and to prove continuity – for the future and for upcoming generations.