Expansion – Takko Fashion puts the pedal to the metal

The smart discounter from Telgte is strongly emphasising expansion this year, and plans to open more than 80 new stores this autumn alone.

With its gaze squarely on the rollout in France and its expansion targets, Takko Fashion is placing a strong focus on its national and international growth this business year. The smart discounter also underlined this path with a personnel announcement in May: André Pleines, Senior Executive Director Expansion / Construction, was promoted to the Leading Circle, thereby expanding the executive team.

At the beginning of the year Takko Fashion celebrated its market debut in France, and now the smart discounter is represented with four stores that could not be doing better. "Our stores are being received wonderfully, so we're starting with the rollout now and hope to open another seven to ten stores this business year," reports CEO Arnold Mattschull. Overall Takko Fashion sees in France a white space of over 300 locations, with the next target already defined. "We want to open 30 stores by the end of next year," explains CSO Ulli Eickmann.

The stores with a sales floor of 300 square metres are supposed to be further expanded this business year after being tested early last year. The number of these stores continues to grow, and in autumn Takko Fashion is planning one new store every week.

But that's far from everything, because the smart discounter is investing all of its strength in growth for the season. In total more than 80 new locations are supposed to open from September to November, a clear sign that the smart discounter will crack the 2,000 mark in the near future. Takko Fashion has close to 1,900 stores right now.


About Takko Fashion:

With nearly 1,900 stores in 17 countries, Takko Fashion is an internationally successful smart discounter. With a diverse range of stylish outfits at an optimal cost-benefit ratio, the smart discounter fully meets the needs of the modern family. With the online shop takko.com customers can shop for the latest trends from Takko Fashion 24/7.

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