Takko Fashion has four executives, each responsible for their own area within the company. In this way, CEO Alexander Mattschull, CSO Ulli Eickmann, CFO Andreas Silbernagel and Arnold Mattschull (Advisory Board) optimally allocate their expertise precisely and in unison.


Arnold Mattschull, Advisory Board

Arnold Matschull was Chief Executive Officer at Takko Fashion from 2016 to 2019 and is now a member oft the Advisory Board. He knew our Smart Discounter from the M√ľnsterland region for many years, as Arnold Mattschull was CEO at Takko Fashion from 2004 to 2008 as well. At Takko Fashion he is responsible for the departments of Expansion, IT and Logistics.


Alexander Mattschull, CEO

Alexander Mattschull has been Chief Product Officer (CEO) of Takko Fashion since 2019.  Since May 2007 he was Chief Product Officer (CPO) and in charge of Product Management and Sourcing. As CEO he ist now responsible for the departement of Human Resources and the departement of Corporate Communications as well.


Ulli Eickmann, CSO

Ulli Eickmann has been Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Takko Fashion since 2016. As part of the Omni-Channel strategy he is responsible for all sales and marketing activities. From 2005 to 2015 he was in charge of constructing and expanding the alignment of international markets at Takko Fashion, and ultimately as Senior Director Sales International for more than 700 stores in fifteen countries.


Andreas Silbernagel, CFO

Andreas Silbernagel has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Takko Fashion since 2018, and is thus responsible for Finance and Accounting, Controlling, Legal and Compliance.