Takko Fashion announces new Chief Financial Officer

The Takko Fashion GmbH announces the appointment of Mr. Andreas Silbernagel as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) today.

Andreas Silbernagel, who joined Takko in 1991, has been responsible for Finance and Accounting as Senior Executive Director and in several other positions of the group. He holds a Master in Business Administration and possesses a profound knowledge and explicit skills due to his long-time experiences in the finance sector, especially with regard to balancing according to international standards and cash management. His main focus has lastly been the implementation of different financing strategies within the corporate group.

Andreas Silbernagel takes over the position as CFO within the Takko Board of Directors as of today and succeeds directly on Mr. Thomas Helmreich, who leaves the company on own demand in order to meet new challenges.

“We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Andreas Silbernagel as CFO. Andreas has been a core member of the Takko finance team for over 25 years and over that time has played an important role in the company’s development. More recently, Andreas played a key role in the successful refinancing last year of Takko’s bonds” said Tom Hall (Apax Partners).

“For a successful continuation of already achieved targets and with regard to a positive business development also in the future, it is indispensable for us to face the upcoming challenges together with an experienced, fully committed and dedicated Takko insider, whose heart beats for the company.” Arnold Mattschull, CEO at Takko Fashion, said.

Further to this, the company informs that Mr. André Pleines, responsible for expansion as Senior Executive Director at Takko, has been appointed to join the Leading Circle of the company.


About Takko Fashion:

With nearly 1,900 stores in 17 countries, Takko Fashion is one of the most successful fashion discounters in Europe. And with its extensive range of stylish outfits at an affordable cost-benefit ratio, Takko Fashion meets the needs of the modern family. The company, based in Telgte (Germany), has nearly 18,000 employees worldwide.


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